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​                        Peter Viliesis  

Integrated Wealth Planning For Business Owners.

High-achieving and high-net-worth business owners have a broad spectrum of financial needs and expect more from financial services professionals than ever before. Within an uncertain economic climate and constantly changing playing field,  professional alliances that draw upon distinct expertise are a key success factor. 

For years, Peter Viliesis has partnered with financial professionals serving as a marketing partner, stepping in as requested to provide colleagues with practice-enhancing expertise on business succession strategies that encompass retirement and estate planning, insurance, and benefits for key employees. 

Here are some observations from financial advisors who have deepened client relationships as a result of collaborating with Peter Viliesis:

Partnerships Built Upon Experience, Innovation and Client Focus

Creative Thinking Leads to Alternative Supplemental Savings Plan 

“I had discussed implementing a deferred compensation plan with one of my largest corporate clients for more than 10 years with no success.  But once one of their senior executives retired without much in the way of retirement benefits, they were ready to adopt a plan practically overnight.  A unique accounting issue, however, ruled-out a traditional, non-qualified plan.  Thanks to Peter’s expertise and ingenuity, we were able to develop an alternative supplemental savings plan.”
-- Jack Meyer, Meyer Financial Services, Aurora, Ill.

Clear Explanations Reassured Bank Chairman; Helped to Close NQDC Plan Funded with COLI
“We had a strong relationship with the family owners of a local company, and they were committed to providing a deferred compensation plan for their highly compensated key employees to overcome the limitations of their qualified plans.  In the 11th hour, however, the chairman/owner began to re-think the costs of the plan and was about to end the project.  Peter’s ability to simply, clearly, and concisely explain how these plans work, and how COLI can fund these plans and helped us close a substantial case.”
-- Sam Bennett / Joe Straus, Bennett & Straus, LLC, San Antonio, Texas

Unearthing  Executive Benefit Opportunities Resulting from Stock Option Accounting Changes

“My personal planning practice includes working with founders and senior executives of public companies, however, I have realized very little success in getting corporate business from these clients. Peter suggested we visit with the CFO of a substantial public company since the accounting changes to stock options may create some new opportunities that the big national consulting firms typically don’t address.  In 30 minutes we had them committed to an executive and director long term care insurance program.”  
-- Andy Graham, First Financial Advisors, LTD, Denver, Colo.

Cutting through Complexities to Implement a Physician Recruitment and Retention Benefit Plan

“My practice is mostly individual disability insurance for physicians.  I was networked into a new and fast-growing organization that was hiring doctors in hospitals around the country.  This privately-owned company quickly needed a benefit plan that would help reward, recruit, and retain these doctors.  My first call was to Peter to work through some complex issues, and in the end, we implemented a series of coordinated benefit plans to help meet this organization's needs.”
-- Shayne Ruffing, Potter Financial, Raleigh, N.C​.