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Securing a  Family Business Transition

After reviewing, correcting and coordinating existing buy-sell agreements with their estate plans, an insurance trust was established to enable the families of two brothers to successfully transition the business to their designated heirs in the event of premature death. This structure provided significant savings on insurance expenses and , taxes, and permitted each brother to maintain control over their own insurance policy to be used in the future to supplement their retirement income.

Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding Key Talent

We implemented a non-qualified deferred compensation plan that serves as a 401(k) alternative for the top executives of a regional bank, providing for employee deferrals of both salary and bonus, employer matching contributions, and “catch-up” contributions to mimic profit sharing contributions that are not otherwise eligible to be paid through the qualified plan due to governmental restrictions. Additionally, an indexed savings rate reflects current economic conditions, and offers a substantial pre-retirement survivor benefit and ultimate retirement income for 15 years based upon the individual’s account balance.

Integrated Wealth Planning For Business Owners

Put our Expertise and Client Focus to work for You

Recognizing that every business owner has a unique combination of challenges and goals, we are committed to guiding you and your advisors through the complex maze of issues, options and product choices to optimize your executive benefit and ownership transition strategies. You can count on the same, high level of expertise, thoughtful counsel and creative solutions that financial service advisors and their clients have benefitted from for more than 25 years.

Protecting Retirement Wealth Accumulation 

For management employees of a national retailer, an insured after-tax supplemental death benefit and savings plan proved attractive for reasons that included deductible employer-funded contributions and the ability for participants to make additional after-tax employee contributions in a “Roth IRA” type program using institutionally priced life insurance.  Executives own the policy, name their own beneficiaries, direct the plan investments and take the policy with them upon termination. This plan also provides the employer with a Modification of Ownership Rights provision that restricts participant access to the account values for other than specified events during their employment.

Through a collaborative consulting process, coordinated with your benefit, legal, accounting and financial advisors, we design and deliver innovative solutions that sharpen your company's competitive edge and secure your retirement.

Innovative Wealth-Building Solutions for ExceptionalClients

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